Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 10 August 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 10 August 2020, Shanaya thinks that Gurunath has gone to Maya’s place, so Radhika asks Saumitra if she should visit Shanaya’s place. Soumitra agrees and they are ready. Meanwhile, Maya, who plans to submit the photo to Radhika and become the CEO of SB Company, says the same with Gurunath and Gurunath, while trying to persuade her not to hand over the photo and arouses negative thoughts about Radhika in Maya.

Meanwhile, Sulakshana asked if Shanaya should lodge a complaint as Gurunath had gone missing. Radhika calls Shanaya and plans to meet Gurunath’s mother. Shanaya tells Sulakshana to tell Gurunath that she has gone to meet Pinky. Shanaya came to Gurunath’s mother’s place and the two shared some fun moments.

Gurunath reached Shanaya’s place and asked where Shanaya was and he asked other questions about who Pinky was. Gurunath tells Sulakshana that he will not come home until Pinky is found. Sulakshana immediately called Shanaya and told her that Gurunath was going to search for her. Gurunath catches Sulakshana talking on the phone and asks Shanaya where she is. She declined the call.

Shanaya told Radhika about the incident and Radhika and Soumitra told her to keep quiet. Radhika devises a plan and tells Shanaya that she will go and check if Gurunath is near the building and if all goes well, she will signal Shanaya to let Shanaya leave the house.

Gurunath came and asked what Radhika was doing at her mother’s house. Radhika replied that she had come to see how her mother was doing. Radhika further lies that Shanaya had come to check if Gurunath was there, however, she left to meet Pinky. Gurunath then gets confused and leaves.

Radhika enters the house and asks where Shanaya is and Saumitra replies that she is in the bathroom. As Gurnath is leaving the premises, a man is calling Pinky. Gurunath thinks something needs to be done with Shanya, but, he realizes that the man is calling for his pet man named Pinky. Hearing this, Gurunath gets confused.

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