Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 15 August 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 15 August 2020, Shreyas is surprised when Pinky talks about marriage. They start talking about their marriage. Shreyas tells Pinky that he was initially busy, however, he tells Pinky that he ended his engagement. The two then share some romantic moments with each other. Anand calls Pinky and angrily tells him what has been said about her. Farewell to the waves of pinky on Shreyas. The two share numbers with each other and leave.

Soumitra meets Radhika, Anand and Jenny and Radhika ask Soumitra if she should tell Shreyas the truth. However, Soumitra says he needs to leave and meet Shanaya as his confidence has increased. Shreyas calls Radhika and tells her that he is interested in Pinky. Radhika tries to tell him the truth, however, Shreyas ends the call by then. Radhika, Soumitra, Jenny and Anand meet in the parking lot and Soumitra says there is an urgent feeling of using the washroom. However, they recommended controlling him.

Dressed as Pinky, Saumitra entered the bathroom and at the same time KD entered the washroom. KD asked what Pinky was doing in the slow bathroom. However, as Pinky, Soumitra turns to this question and tries to solve the problem. Soumitra and KD both come out of the bathroom at the same time. They introduce each other and KD is surprised to learn that it’s Pinky. KD immediately calls Gurunath and informs him about the situation and tells him that Pinky is going to meet Shanaya.

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