Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 20 July 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 20 July 2020, We see Gurunath (Abhijeet Khandkekar) getting emotional about how he has to deal with Shanaya (Rasika Sunil) and Mrs. Sabnis every day. He tries to get sympathy from Maya (Ruchira Jadhav) by saying how difficult it is to take a mother-daughter pair. After a while, Gurunath reminds her that once the merger between Radhika Masale and SB Group of Companies takes place, she will be the CEO. He tells Maya to continue their plan until then. Meanwhile, Radhika (Anita Date) tells Soumitra (Advait Dadarkar) that Gurunath will soon be taught a lesson. She then tells him how Gurunath proved Shanaya in front of Maya.

Gurunath’s mother, on the other hand, admitted that she was worried about Radhika when she went out at night to get something. She tells Gurunath’s father that at the same moment when Gurunath was walking in the hallway, she was smelling something sweet. After a while, Gurunath asks Kedia to find out who Pinky is. He tells Kedya that Pinky turns Shanaya against Gurunath and if he doesn’t recognize Pinky, all his plans may go in vain. Kedia suggests that Gurunath should ask Mrs. Sabnis about it. Gurunath agrees and says that Mrs. Sabnis paid to confess Pinky’s identity.

Later, Shanaya tries to convince Maya that Gurunath is making it all up. She tells Maya that Gurunath is cheating on her to make Shanaya look unusual. Maya, on the other hand, was not convinced and refused to listen to Shanaya, who had no choice but to show her the video that recorded Gurunath’s confession. After that, Gurunath had tricked everyone and promised to marry Shanaya. Meanwhile, Maya has other thoughts about Gurunath.

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