Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 21 August 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 21 August 2020, We will see that Maya has a hold on Gurunath’s hard drive. She re-shows the video of Pinky being slapped. Maya then realizes Saumitra under the guise of Pinky.

She reveals Gurunath’s true identity to Pinky. He becomes angrily fit and decides to teach Saumitra and Radhika a lesson.

Maya tells Gurunath to calm down and says that she has got a plan. Meanwhile, Shanaya reveals that she is going to leave home to pursue a successful career.

Gurunath’s mother asks if he has done anything wrong which is forcing him to leave the house. Shanaya says that she needs to get away from her close ones to be successful in life.

Later, Gurunath enters the house and tries to tell Shanaya about Pinky. She asks his questions to confirm if Soumitra has dressed as Pinky.

Gurunath somehow grabbed Shanaya’s phone, realizing that Soumitra and Pinky’s numbers did not match. After a while, Gurunath decides to ask his mother about Pinky.

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