Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 21 July 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 21 July 2020, We are enthusiastically telling Shanaya (Rasika Sunil) Radhika (Anita Date) that she has made her plan a success as she has revealed Gurunath’s truth to Maya. Shanaya revealed that Maya (Ruchira Jadhav) was shocked to see the video recording of Gurunath’s (Abhijeet Khandkekar) confession. Meanwhile, Gurunath went to Shanaya’s house and asked Mrs. Sabnis where Shanaya was. Mrs. Sabnis tells him she doesn’t know where she is. Gurunath then pays her to inform her about Pinky. Mrs. Sabnis immediately agrees to tell him all about the place as soon as she is offered the money for Shanaya. She has promised to keep Shanaya away from Radhika by all means.

Later, we see Gurunath and Shanaya fighting. Gurunath tells Shanaya to stop behaving strangely and says that she is worried about her. Shanaya said that Gurunath is only worried about Maya and she should go after him. Mayanath, on the other hand, does not answer Gurunath’s call which makes him think. He was surprised that Shanaya told her something that stopped her from calling Maya.

Meanwhile, Radhika asks Soumitra to tell Mr. Banhatti about Gurunatha once and for all when he goes by Maya’s side. Srinath asks Banhatti to persuade Gurunath to leave the office. After a while, Mrs. Sabnis talks to Shanaya about who Pinky is. Shanaya is only going to share Pinky’s identity but stops herself from doing so. She then reveals how she wants to teach Gurunath a lesson.

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