Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 25 August 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 25 August 2020, We will see that Maya is suspicious of Soumitra being pinky. She tells Gurunath that she saw the clothes worn by Pinky hanging in Saumitra’s bedroom.

Maya says that she is pretty sure that Soumitra as Pinky is following Radhika’s plan. She tells him that Radhika probably did not share Pinky’s secret with Shanaya and so she is unaware of it.

Meanwhile, Radhika tells Shanaya to keep an eye on Gurunath as she is worried that she might be close in unearthing Pinky’s secret.

Later, Maya is seen narrating her plan to Gurunath. She tells him that they will ask Soumitra to meet Shanaya disguised as Pinky. This is part of their plan to get revenge on Soumitra and Radhika.

After a while, Gurunath apologizes to Shanaya and says that he has changed his ways. He confesses that Maya asked him to leave the house after watching Pinky’s video.

Meanwhile, Maya calls Radhika and tells her that the investors want Gurunath to apologize to Pinky. She further tells Radhika that they want video evidence of Gurunath’s apology which surprises Radhika.

Later, Gurunath plans with Maya how he will break the reputation of Radhika by making Soumitra’s pictures viral to Pinky. Gurunath says that now everything is going to happen to Maya.

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