Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 1 February 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 1 February 2020, Gurunath texted Maya after seeing her online. Maya read Gurunath’s text. Shortly after that, Shanaya entered the room and tried to talk to Gurunath. She asks him what he’s doing in the bedroom. Gurunath tells her that we are busy with our work. Shanaya hugs him and the latter works very differently. After a while, we are telling Maya that he just wanted to be friends and so he texts her. Since she does not like to mix in her personal and professional life, Maya tells her not to ask. She asks Gurunath to cooperate and maintain their relationship. Meanwhile, Radhika tells Soumitra that the person who came to her office is the son of Mahajani uncle. She then told him that the son Mahajani does not consider his uncle and uncle his parents. She has decided to cancel the deal because she considers relationships more important than any business. Later, Radhika confronts Saiprasad and asks him if Mahajani is uncle and his parents are his parents.

Shri Sabnis decides to teach Gurunath the lesson of getting Saniya to the floor. She then tells him to sleep when she is tired. In Radhika’s office, in a conversation with Radhika, we see Saiprasad Mahajani, an international company representative. He then gets up, saying he needs a rush. Radhika looks at him, wondering who that person is. Meanwhile, Gurunath tries to influence Maya through the presentation. Maya loves the presentation and said that she did a great job. She adds that her company will appreciate the work she does. Gurunath disagrees and says that will not happen. He then tells her that they have a living example in front of them. She irritates Maya by saying that she is an important person in the company, but is not yet the CEO. He also suggests that she should aspire to become CEO as her capacity is fulfilled. Gurunath’s talk is interrupted by Maya’s call.

At Gurunath’s house, we are telling the sad story of Mahajani’s uncle who left his parents and emigrated to America. He adds a hat his son forgot his family and never returned. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sabnis and Shanaya are deciding what to eat for dinner. Then Mrs. Sabnis decides to make pasta for Sanaa immediately. Gurunath later tells Keeda that Maya will soon become the CEO of the SB company and he believes this will help him start his career.

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