Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 11 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 11 Feb 2020, We see Shanaya telling her mother that she is sure that Gurunath is hiding something from her. Meanwhile, while Gurunath and Maya work on the field, Soumitra spots her and takes her to meet Radhika. He invites Maya to Atharva’s birthday. Atharva spots Gurunath and calls him ‘Baba’.

We see that Shanaya arrives home to receive her gift hampers, unaware that she was knocked over by Kadia, so that she can take her out of the restaurant. That way, Gurunath and Maya could spend time alone. While talking to the two, Gurunath proposes a new plan to increase the company’s sales revenue. Maya is not pleased with the same thing, but eventually falls on Gurunath’s sugar-coated words. Maya gives him some money as an allowance for his expenses.

Soumitra’s parents are proud of her when they know about a meeting and how a parent’s true meaning is defined. Soumitra says that all the credit goes to him, because of his upbringing he was able to do all this. Meanwhile, after meeting Gurunath Kedi, he told him that Shri. Banhatti will have to prove his eligibility. However, Kedia worries that Shania cannot be enlarged or pulled back while he is with her. Gurunath tells Keda that she will pay Sanya some money to buy and distract her so that she will not get in trouble.

Radhika plans to celebrate Atharva’s birthday in Gulmohar Society. Soumitra wants to expel Atharva before the birthday party, but Radhika refuses. Soumitra tells Atharva that the next day he will pretend to be ill so that he does not go to work and he will leave as he has decided. The next morning, they would go out to Radhika and have fun with them.

Gurunath reaches home and within seconds, begins to question Shania for what she has done all day. He tries to convince her that he is busy with a task but fails to convince her. She is constantly inquiring about his strange behavior. When Gurunath realizes that Shania is not willing to listen to him, he gives her an allowance to distract her and tells her that she can buy it.

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