Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 12 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 12 Feb 2020, We will see everyone busy celebrating Atharva’s birthday. And soon, Gurunath and Shanaya come and tell everyone that they are there to celebrate their son’s special day. Soumitra and others tell him to leave, but Atharva refuses to leave until he gets the cake. At that very moment Maya walked into the hall.

Since baby’s birthday is coming up in two days, Soumitra has taken Radhika and Atharva for shopping. This family seems to be having a good time with each other. Soumitra goes to the shop alone and tells Radhika that she has some work to do. At the same time, Radhika’s call comes and she gets busy too. Meanwhile, Atharva is pushing Gurunath out of the way and he calls him. Soumitra, on the other hand, sees Maya as she goes to the shop and takes her to meet Radhika and Atharva. The couple invite Maya to Atharva’s birthday party. Little did they know yet that Maya had come for fieldwork with Gurunath.

Upon arriving home, Soumitra learned that his father had attended some of the conferences and would not be able to attend Atharva’s birthday. However, he tells the couple to get the most out of their special day. He surprised Radhika with a beautiful sari on Atharva’s birthday. Radhika also insists that Soumitra wear the shirt he brought for you.

Shanaya and her mother, on the other hand, try to bribe Kedia and get information about Gurunath from them. Shanaya asks Kedia if Gurunath is having an extramarital affair. Kerry, who is Gurunath’s best friend, dismissed the allegations. Instead, he begins praising Gurunath and his efforts to keep Shania happy.

Gurunath takes Maya out for dinner after a day of exhaustion. They talk about Radhika. Later Maya invited Gurunath to a surprise party and he gladly agreed to attend.

Finally, the day has come for which everyone is eagerly waiting – Atharva’s birthday! The morning begins with traditional rituals and all the family members bless Atharva. He is more excited about his birthday party. At that moment, everyone in the United States misses Mahajani’s uncle and aunt.

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