Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 13 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 13 Feb 2020, We visited Gurunath while visiting from a nearby shop. That’s when Maya called him and asked where he was. Gurunath lies to her saying that she is in the hospital. Maya spots Gurunath and discovers that he lied to her. She meets Gurunath and asks him questions about himself. As Gurunath grabbed her hand and tried to explain herself, Shanaya was surprised to see them.

We are looking forward to preparing for Atharva’s birthday party. Soumitra is paying close attention to everything. He has no problems and wants to make sure the party is perfect. Meanwhile, Shanaya begged Gurunath to take her to Atharva’s birthday party.

Back at the party hall, the party starts and everything is going well until Gurunath attends with Shanaya. Everyone is angry and upset when they look at them. They both try to greet Atharva, but Gurunath’s mother does not allow them to go near the child. She gets angry at them and tells them to leave the party immediately. However, the stubborn told them that he was there to greet his son and would not leave. His father tells him to leave and don’t spoil everyone’s attitude, but Gurunath gives it back. Finally, Sumitra tells Gurunath that they should not celebrate Atharva’s birthday till the end. Gurunath also challenges Soumitra by saying that Atharva will not leave the hall unless he breaks the cake. Shanaya enjoys all the drama from one corner.

Meanwhile, Kadia, who was looking for a hall at Atharva’s party, threw Maya. He immediately informs Gurunath of this. This gives him ample time to get out of the festivities. But when he was about to leave the hall, he saw Maya going. At some point, he was hiding in the washroom, telling Shania to wait outside. Soon, Maya meets Shanaya and asks her about the party location. Gurunath is terrified and prays that he should not let both wives know about him two-time. His luck works. Maya arrived on Atharva’s birthday. Radhika introduces her to all the members of the household, and they all greet Maya and wish her luck.

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