Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 13 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 13 January 2020,Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis try to impress Mehta, a wealthy entrepreneur. Shanaya convinces her mother to marry her so that she can get rich. Mr. Mehta is ready to pay the amount they ask for, but in return Mrs Sabnis should marry her legally. Meanwhile, after canceling the honeymoon, Soumitra has had a dispute with her father when he learned of Mahajani’s uncle’s health. He informs Radhika, who is thankful for her understanding of her feelings. Radhika and Soumitra go on an ice cream date together. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sabnis lied to Gurunath that Shri. Mehta gets them Rs. 5 lakh to marry Shanaya. Gurunath is given a one-day window frame to collect the same amount.

Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis are talking to Mr. Mehta. Shanaya tells Mr. Mehta about her mother’s expensive lifestyle and agrees with all the terms and conditions they have given her. Then, stopping Shania and her mother, he goes to another room. Mrs Sabnis is reluctant to marry this man, but Shanaya says she will have to pay in return for that money. Instead, Mrs. Sabnis tries to get Shanaya to marry him. At this time, Mr. Mehta comes back with the money and shows it to Mrs. Sabnis, who is excited. They say they will only give it to them if they sign a legal marriage document. Mrs. Sabnis is hesitant and asks for some time.

Soumitra and his father get into a dispute because the latter is upset and because of their son’s cancellation of European honeymoon. Soumitra explains to her father that Radhika will be mentally invested in the health of Mahajani uncle so she cannot enjoy the trip. On the other hand, doctors react positively to Mahajani’s uncle and discharge. Radhika assures her that she will take care of her diet and Mahajani’s uncle will appreciate her. Afterwards, Radhika and Soumitra talk on the phone over the phone about canceling their honeymoon plans. She is pleased to see that Soumitra has compromised for her. She appreciates her behavior.

Gurunath, on the other hand, is trying to land a job at Soumitra’s father’s firm. However, when he arrives at the office, Soumitra’s father is not there.

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