Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 13 March 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 13 March 2020, In the previous episode of the show, we had seen how Shania had a horrible dream about Gurunath marrying Maya and bringing her home later.

She heard that Gurunath had taken Maya’s name while he was asleep and decided to take revenge on the two.

Meanwhile, Radhika’s health got worse as she couldn’t hide her tension. Soumitra realized that there was something wrong with her sudden decision to resign as CEO of SB Company.

In today’s episode, we heard how Soumitra’s Maya appeal threw Gurunath into a scary situation and we called Radhika and asked her to find out what was going on. Maya ends up calling Radhika and asks to meet the latter before she resigns. Meanwhile, Kedia Shanaya and Mrs. Sabinis meets up and asks the latter for his situation. Shanaya tells him that Mrs. Sabnis has lost her voice by drinking her brother. The caddy suggests that they should not go to the doctor but visit the saint.

Maya and Radhika meet and Maya makes another shocking demand from the latter. She asked Radhika to merge her company Radhika Masala with the company’s SB group. She refuses to do so, because she thinks Radhika’s spices are part of her own asymmetry. But Maya threatens her, saying that those intimate pictures will go viral. Radhika reluctantly agrees to her demand. She does, however, make a request that no employees of her company should be fired. Meanwhile, Gurunath’s mother, Sarita, is upset because she feels Radhika is stressed and they need to help her. But Gurunath’s father tells Sarita that Radhika is very capable of dealing with her own problems. He reminds her of how Radhika has solved her own questions in the past.

Later, Radhika visits her office at Radhika Masala and holds a meeting in which she gathers everyone from the office and tells them that SB is about to resign as CEO of the company and Radhika will also relinquish her responsibility as the owner of the spice. She tells them that there will not be any change in the existing payroll and staff positions. Everyone is shocked to hear Radhika’s shocking decision.

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