Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 14 March 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 14 March 2020, In tonight’s episode we see Shanaya asking for money from Gurunath for the treatment of her mother, Mrs. Sabnis. Gurunath says he had already paid her for the treatment and refused to pay her any more.

Shanaya tells Gurunath that she needs money to seek another doctor. Gurunath says that she did not want to fight him and told her to leave. After a while Shania and Mr. Sabinis noticed that Gurunath was sleeping in Maya’s name. Shanaya was furious to hear this.

Radhika, on the other hand, is bored with answering questions from Soumitra and says her decision to merge the companies is final.

She then goes to bed in a rage. Soumitra declares that Radhika will not stay till she knows who is harassing her. Later, Soumitra’s mother realizes that Radhika is stressed and calm. She then asks Radhika what is bothering her. The latter is saying that she does not feel the need to get billions of rupees. She confesses that she only wants to stay home and look after Soumitra and Atharva. Radhika announced that her decision to leave the company was final. Soumitra’s mother notices that something is wrong and tells Soumitra that Radhika is hiding something. If she knows what Radhika is up to, she tells Soumitra to ask Gurunath’s mother.

Later, Gurunath Shanaya and Mrs. He tells Sabanis not to get in trouble if he goes out earlier. On the other hand Shanaya and Ms. Sabnis is pleased that Gurunath did not notice that he had taken money from his wallet. Meanwhile, Radhika asks her colleague how long it will take to merge. The colleague gave her a 3-4-. Says it will take the day and asks her to inform the legal department before doing so. Radhika’s staff asks her twice before making the final call about the merger. She is asked to discuss with her employees before making a decision.

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