Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 15 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 15 January 2020, While we waited for Radhika, we saw a pleasant surprise. Everyone in the Gulmohar community is waiting for her. Nani-Nana, Mahajani Kaka-Aunty and parents are all present and inform their favorite daughter that they are here to discuss what happened in the morning.

In the Gulmohar Society, Gurunath appears at his parents’ house. They go to Pune to ask for their property documents. It not only shocked him but also his parents, and the mother began to cry at her son’s request for such gratitude. Gurunath tries to convince both that he only wants the property documents under his name and nothing more. In anger, his father stopped the storm and returned with property documents. He shouted to Gurunath and asked him to leave the house immediately. Soon, Soumitra and Radhika arrived at Gurunath’s parents’ house.

When Radhika learned that Gurunath was planning to use this new trick, she was angry. She asks her former mother-in-law why she does not want to give her hard-earned wealth to a useless, useless child. When Gurunath tries to explain his point, she stops him there and tells him not to beg for his parents. She went on to say that at her age, the child should help his parents and not get rid of them. This made Gurunath angry and he started shouting at Radhika. Soumitra stops Gurunath and praises Radhika for taking such a rude tone. He reminds her that he is his wife now, and he will not tolerate this behavior again. The angry Gurunath left the house.

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