Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 16 March 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 16 March 2020, In today’s episode of the show, we see how Soumitra is upset with Radhika’s strange behavior and tries to find the reason behind it.

He is on his way to Radhika’s backyard at Gulmohar Society, where he speaks to Sarita- Gurunath’s mother and asks if she is aware of the crisis.

Sarita denies that she is unaware of this, but assures that she will ask Radhika why she is putting all her hard work down the drain.

In the meantime, Gurunath promised Maya that he would handle everything and keep the problems out of her. He shows up at a restaurant and on the way, Gurunath decides to pay the bill and tells Maya that if she ever gets in trouble, she can call him. But he realized his wallet was empty because Shania and Mrs. Sabnis has taken money for the latter treatment. Meanwhile, Shanaya tells Mrs. Sabnis that she has collected Rs. 5,000,3, they will tell the insects that they have only Rs, 000,4 and keep the rest for themselves. They call the prisoners and ask them to bring Mrs. Sabnis the healer. Kedia calls them a thief and he looks like a father in disguise. Kadia took Shania and Mrs. Has decided to fool Sabnis.

Back at the house, Sarita calls Radhika and tells her that she thinks she is wrong when she decides to merge Radhika Masala with SB. Kedia, on the other hand, comes in the incarnation of Baba, and taking money from Mrs Sabnis and Shanaya fools them. At the restaurant, Gurunath learns that Shanaya had stolen money from his wallet and told Maya about it. He also does a show out of it and tells her that these things make it difficult for him to live with Shania. Maya assured her that he should not worry because she was with him.

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