Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 17 Feb

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 17 Feb 2020, We are telling Gurunath Mrs. Sabnis that she needs to prove that Shania is crazy and keep her job intact. Later he got a call from Mai. She appreciates Gurunath’s efforts and tells him that his plan has greatly increased the company’s profits. Gurunath has re-entered the heart of Maya.

We see that Radhika has finally accepted Soumitra as her husband, and to further their relationship as a couple, Radhika has decided to surprise him by cooking a favorite dish for dinner. Soumitra too is eager to reach home to enjoy Radhika’s surprise for him. When Soumitra reached home, he was happy to see her and Radhika’s photo frames hanging on the wall. The two get together for an evening meal and joke about some of the most beautiful moments in their lives.

Meanwhile, Shaniya says that Gurunath behaved just like us when Radhika cheated on her. The wheel of karma seems to be affecting Saturn in a similar way. She tries to call Gurunath but she does not get her call. Shania complains to her mother about this. Mrs. Sabnis. However, she convinced Shanaya that Maya is Gurunath’s series and she needs to win her trust back and only then will she be able to pay Gurunath’s money.

Gurunath reached Maya’s place to explain himself. Mai refuses to entertain him and tells him to leave immediately. Gurunath, however, continues to tell her that during her college years, Soumitra had proposed to Radhika and after marrying Gurunath she had shown him her true colors. She maintained her relationship with Soumitra without knowing it. Gurunath told Maya that Radhika had betrayed her, so he had to divorce her. When Maya asks him about Shanaya, Gurunath lies to her that she has lost her mind and is mentally frustrated. Slowly, Maya begins to believe him but she is not entirely sure. Finally, Gurunath gets emotional and tells her that she can come to your place and check the real situation if she likes.

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