Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 18 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 18 Feb 2020, Radhika apologizes for not letting Soumitra enjoy being a father. Soumitra tells Radhika that she really loves him and considers Atharva his only child. Meanwhile, Gurunath and Mrs. Sabinis embarks on his mission to prove Shania is crazy. They get success when Shanaya starts beating Gurunath with a broom and at the same time Maya goes into their house.

Gurunath is visiting Mrs. Sabnis. SB asks them about the ambitions and reasons for entering the company. Mrs Sabnis speculates that Gurunath wants to reach the top position in the company without knowing about his past. Gurunath tells her that they need to understand Sanya too, so that she will not do anything that will not do her job.

Gurunath tells Mrs. Sabnis that he plans to regain his job and go back to the good books of Maya. Mrs. Sabnis agrees to follow Gurunath’s plan. Meanwhile, because of Gurunath’s policy, a sales person visits Maya and tells her that the sales have increased considerably.

Hearing this, Maya is impressed and tells it to Mr. Banahti. Later people greet Gurunath. Later, Maya asked Gurunath to do the same. He urges Mae to believe what she says about Shanaya. He goes on to say that if she wants to make sure that the latter is unhealthy, she can come to his place to check it out on her own. Maya agrees to visit him at night.

Meanwhile, we see that Soumitra and Radhika are having a good time with each other and their bond is getting stronger day by day. Radhika insists that Soumitra wear the shirt she chose for him. Soumitra also chooses a sari to wear for Radhika in the evening. Later, the couple take part in some romantic chat over the phone. On the other hand, as determined, Mrs Sabnis tells Shanaya that Maya has done some magic on Gurunath and he should be released from the spirit as soon as possible. Shanaya started to trust her mother and was afraid of everything happening with Gurunath.

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