Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 18 March 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 18 March 2020, Shania tells Mrs. Sabinis to stop wasting her time on the phone and focuses on her real-life problems. Mrs Sabnis tells her daughter that she is bored with the latter questions and that she needs breathing. She also says that Sanya’s problems with her marriage are self-created and that she needs to resolve herself.

Meanwhile, Gurunath woke up to Maya’s place as he decided to spend the night there. He searches his phone and sees 100 missed calls from Shania. Maya tells him that the latter has to take care of her husband but Gurunath rejects her and says that she is only trying to dramatize the situation. Gurunath and Maya visit the SB office and Yashwant tells them about the merger with Radhika Spices Company.

Maya Radhika is known and she does not want to leave him and says that Maya pretended to argue with Yashwant. Yashwant agrees with her but says it is Radhika’s final decision. Gurunath and Maya give each other a bright spot and when they go to Maya’s cabin, they raise each other high-five.

Soumitra finds them doing this and asks them if they have finalized the client. He tells Gurunath to leave as he wishes to talk to Maya alone. Meanwhile, Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis decided to speak again to Baba’s father because he wanted a final solution to the problem. On the other hand, Soumitra questions Maya about the credibility of their friendship. She was upset when her girlfriend asked if she had a love affair. Maya refuses, but she does not meet Soumitra’s eyes and looks suspicious.

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