Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 19 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 19 Feb 2020, The next morning Mrs. Sabnis sends Shania to the market for a vegetable. Returning from the market, she shocked Radhika. Radhika greets Shanaya with a bag full of vegetables. Later, Mrs. Sabnis advises Shanaya to do something that will attract Gurunath to you. Meanwhile, Maya told Gurunath that he should report to the main office the next day.

Soumitra is trying to rejoice as the latter will soon become a father. This leaves Jenny worried because they do not know how to take care of the baby, and as a result they decide to go to class. Radhika tells them the true meaning of motherhood. She tells them that when a mother becomes a mother, she automatically learns how to take care of her child because of the love and bonds between the two bodies. After a while, Soumitra expresses her feelings about how great it is to be a father. Radhika misinterprets her words, but Soumitra convinces her that she has no such intention.

Seeing Radhika missing at night, Soumitra asks her the reason. She tries to ignore his query but then tells her that she is too upset because she will not be able to enjoy and enjoy paternity. Soumitra dismisses her as saying that she wants to be more beautiful than life and that he wants nothing but love from her.

Meanwhile, Gurunath tells Mrs. Sabnis that he has talked to Maya and convinces her that Shanaya is abusive. Mrs. Sabnis also tells him that she has also told Shanaya that the spirit of Maya is hurting Gurunath and that he should obey Maya’s orders to keep his job intact. Their play begins. Gurunath falls asleep next to Shanaya and tells Maya’s name and wakes up early, pretending that her soul is killing him. Shanaya falls into his trap and believes that Maya’s soul is hurting Gurunath and that is why he has such a dream. Her mother tells her that she knows how to get rid of such spirits. She asks Shanya to kill Gurunath with a broom. When Shanaya started doing this, at the same moment Maya entered Gurunath’s house and was startled by the scene.

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