Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 2 January, We are trying to resolve the grief and frustration of the drunken, depressed Gurunath, his new wife and mother-in-law. When she saw him, she called out to him and told him about what she had done for him. Hearing this, Gurunath, in a drunken state, blames her for her lost and all the bad things that happened in her life. He told her that he was the one who separated from his parents and his first child. Later, Mrs. Sabnis tells Sanya that because of Gurunath’s right things, he did not agree with her for the first time.

In Radhika’s new house, Revathi returns to tell her something. She does not speak aloud but she whispers in Radhika’s ear. It is clear that the two were talking about Radhika and Soumitra’s first night, which seems shameful in the past. When Radhika realizes that she is expressing herself to him, the two become serious. Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 2 January

Radhika’s new house has a lot of spirit but it is difficult to sow in the place of Saturn. The mother-daughter duo are in serious tactics and are busy discussing the subject that Gurunath needs to be taught. Shanaya urged her mother not to give too much importance to her and to not raise her warning for two days. Mrs. Sabnis talks about her sister-in-law planning to pay for all her work. She also tells her daughter that the house is hers and that she has been bought with her own hard earned money. The mother ends the conversation by assuring her daughter that Shania doesn’t need to be afraid of anything until he comes here.

The women of Gulmohar Society come back together at Radhika’s place. Everyone appreciates Radhika’s new home, her new husband, and best wishes for her happiness in her new life. While women are concerned about Radhika’s new father-in-law, everyone doubts that she is a disciplined, yet loving man. Satisfied with her explanation, she informed Radhika that she would take Atharva to Gulmohar community for some time so that the newly married couple could enjoy some time alone.

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