Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 20 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 20 Feb 2020, The next morning Mrs. Sabnis sends Shania to the market for a vegetable. Returning from the market, she shocked Radhika. Radhika greets Shanaya with a bag full of vegetables. Later, Mrs. Sabnis advises Shanaya to do something that will attract Gurunath to you. Meanwhile, Maya told Gurunath that he should report to the main office the next day.

We are trying to make Soumitra Anand, because he will soon be a father. Because of this, Jenny is worried because she does not know how to take care of the child, and as a result they decide to go to class. Radhika told him the true meaning of motherhood. She tells them that when a mother becomes a mother, she automatically teaches how to care for a child so that the two bodies share the love and bonds that are shared between each other. After a while, a gentleman expresses his feelings about how great it would be to be a father. Radhika misinterprets her words, but Soumitra convinces her that she has no such intention.

Seeing Radhika missing at night, Soumitra asks her the reason. She tries to ignore his question but then tells him that she is very upset because her father cannot enjoy and enjoy her. Soumitra calmed her down by saying that he had made her life more beautiful than her, and he wanted nothing but love from her.

Meanwhile, Gurunath informs Mrs. Sebnis that he has spoken to Maya and assures her that Shanaya is unstable. Mrs Sabnis also tells them that she has also told Shanaya that Maya’s spirit is hurting Gurunath and that they should obey Maya’s order to keep her job. His play begins. Gurunath fell asleep next to Shanaya and started killing her, pretending to be calling Maya’s name. Shanaya falls into his trap and believes that the spirit of Maya hurts Gurunath and he is having such a dream. Her mother tells her that she knows how to get rid of such spirits. She asked Shanaya to kill Gurunath with a broom. When Shanaya begins to do this, at that moment Maya enters Gurunath’s house and is shocked by the scene.

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