Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 21 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 21 January 2020, Banhatti has decided to give Gurunath an opportunity to provide a problem and he is certain that Gurunath will not be able to solve it. Being aware of the motives behind the trial of Banahti, Gurunath prepares the latter to prove himself. At the time, one of the Banhatis subsidiaries said that one of the bank’s branches had gone missing. At this point, Gurunath intervenes and urges him to accept the responsibility of the branch and to convert it into a successful branch. Banahti considers his proposal and finally decides to give it to Gurunath. Looks like Gurunath has finally taken the first step towards turning the tables!

We see that the efforts of Radhika and Soumitra’s family have been in vain, as they find that Soumitra is lying in bed in the drawing room, not with Radhika in her room. They are disappointed to see all their tricks fall. Later, Soumitra wakes up and looks at all the members in disbelief as if he has committed an irreparable crime. They questioned him about this and asked him why he was sleeping alone. Soumitra gives them a convincing answer that since Radhika’s previous failed marriage, he has decided to give her enough space so that she (Soumitra) can return to this new bond. Meanwhile, Radhika Soumitra’s explanation is heard in a corner and he is touched. In addition, a fun cricket game has been organized between the two teams, one with captain Soumitra and the other by Radhika. The match is full of drama, laughter and lots of entertainment.

Shanaya and her mother, on the other hand, are on a different journey, as they prepare to find Mehta’s future and go for a wedding. Gurunath strives to give Yashwant Banahti a chance to prove himself in his past. Last night, Yashwant was not in the mood to entertain Gurunath when Gurunath answered a phone call from Yashwant on behalf of the latter and made an important decision for his company without his consent. Gurunath thanks Yashwant for his time and stops him while he is leaving.

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