Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 22 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 22 Feb 2020, We will see Radhika being nominated as the CEO of SB Company. This made Gurunath worried and he tried to break Maya’s assertion that she deserved to be the next CEO. When Vasantrao finds out that Gurunath is harassing Radhika and her family, they go to Gurunath’s office and yell at them. Mr. Banhatti was asked to remove Gurunath immediately.

Mr. Banahti has met Radhika and asks if she wants to talk to him about the incident at the awards ceremony. Radhika Shri. He tells Banhatti that we should have good reasons for hiring Gurunath, but he also informs him that the latter is a fraud and is not credible. She went on to say that his behavior could harm the company’s moral values. Mr. Banhatti assured her that they would be solely responsible for any problems that might arise after they hired Gurunath.

Meanwhile, Soumitra interrupted Gurunath and asked him for a reason for hiding his identity and a job in his company. Gurunath tells Soumitra that he should ask his father about this. It also kills the fact that you are the star employee of the company. Soumitra could not bear it and quarreled with Gurunath. They fight with each other and no one is ready to back down.

After Soumitra arrives home, Radhika explains to her that there is no point in arguing with her father. She tells Soumitra to act responsibly and assures that the true colors of Gurunath will soon be revealed to Mrs. Banahti. She tells Soumitra to apologize to her father. The next morning, when Soumitra does this, his father ignores him and leaves the breakfast table. This hurts Soumitra and he also withdraws the case. Radhika is helpless and doesn’t know how to combine the two.

Later, Maya informed Gurunath that he had been promoted to the head of the office. On reaching Gurunath Head Office, Soumitra requested Maya to let Gurunath go on an office tour. Soumitra takes Gurunath to his cabin and warns that the consequences of his actions will suffer. He also tells Gurunath that he is a big fraud. His argument threatened Gurunath that he would be removed from office soon.

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