Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 22 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 22 January 2020, we will see how Shania Mehta does a trick by mixing something with milk. However, in the end, Mehta makes Shania’s mother drink milk and she gets high and loses consciousness. Meanwhile, while drinking with his friends, he was talking to Gurunath about Shania’s behavior and his relationship with her by marrying someone else. Gurunath is worried about this. On the other hand, we have seen Soumitra and Radhika close after sharing some romantic moments at a picnic. We look forward to enjoying our two together with Atharva.

Gurunath will leave Yashwant’s cabin when he is stopped by the latter. Yashwant tells him that he is not happy that Gurunath replied to the Benhatti phone call from the United States without his permission. However, he praised Gurunath for his prompt action, which helped save the company from major crisis and inquired about how he did so. Gurunath once informed them that he was once the CEO of the company and that he had the skills to solve such questions.

Yashwant, however, is not convinced and still considers Gurunath to be a worthless man. They ask Dikshit whether his views on Gurunath are at issue. Dixit tells him how great a fraud Gurunath is and how dishonest he is in his professional and personal life. He further tells Yashwant about the bad actions of Gurunath in Radhika Masala, which resulted in his downfall. Meanwhile, returning home, Shanaya is busy with her mother Mehta in preparation for her mother’s wedding. After meeting Yashwant, Gurunath talks to Kedi, who suggests selling his clothes with you. Gurunath refuses and instead decides to wait for Yashwant’s call and comes up with a plan to work at a later company. At that time, Gurunath received a call from Yashwant, who asked to meet him. When Gurunath does so, Yashwant enters a problem to solve it. Seeing this, Dikshit expressed his concern to Yashwant and said that he trusted Gurunath more than he deserved.

Yashwant assures Dikshit that Gurunath will not be able to solve the problem and says that he has given the matter to him to pay the right price. As expected, Gurunath fails to solve the problem and Yashwant is understood to be testing it. He asks the latter another opportunity so that he can get a job at the latter organization. At that time, a worker claims that one of the bank’s branches is losing ground and they must settle it as soon as possible. Gurunath heard this and had a chance to prove himself. He tells Yashwant to hand over the loss branch to him and he assures that he will succeed.

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