Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 23 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 23 January 2020, When we inquired about Mrs. Sabnis’s erratic behavior, we see Shanaya avoiding Gurunath. She goes to her room to grab something from the closet and is planning to leave the space with Mrs. Sabnis, without paying any attention. Soumitra returned to work and learned that someone had taken over the responsibility of handling the loss. He asks Dikshit to tell him the name of the person. When he is about to do this, Radhika goes to the cabin to give Soumitra’s tiffin to him. Soumitra still does not know that person is Gurunath.

In the absence of Shanya, Gurunath and Kedya celebrate the success of Gurunath by getting drunk. Gurunath gets a chance to prove himself through a branch branch loss in Banahti, both of which take part in the party. Talking to Kadia, Gurunath says he feels insecure about marrying Sanya to someone else. Meanwhile, Shania’s mother, who was covered in rose petals on Mehta’s bed, was stunned. Shanaya tries to comfort her but in vain. Suddenly, Mehta entered the room with a glass of milk, all eager to spend the first night with his beloved wife. He sets the glass aside to share some romantic moments with Mrs. Sabnis. Shanaia, hidden behind the scenes, immediately puts something in the milk. She tries to suck Mehta while dancing with Shania’s mother.

However, Mehta refuses and instead lets her drink milk. Milk starts to show its effect. Mrs. Sabnis got up and started having fun. Eventually, she fell unconscious, causing Shanaya and Mehta to worry. When Mehta tries to help Shanaya’s mother, Shanaya hits him in the head and he loses consciousness too. She then escaped with her mother, leaving the injured Mehta behind.

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