Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 24 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 24 Feb 2020, We would like to congratulate Gurunath May for his nomination for the post of CEO. Maya is happy too and she hugged Gurunath. Meanwhile, Shania is very insecure and helpless as Gurunath ignores her frequently. Later, Shri. Banhatti declared Radhika as the CEO of SB Company at a board meeting. Maya’s dreams are shattered and ruined.

Radhika got a call from Gurunath’s mother. However, in her absence, Jenny’s call came in and she told Gurunath’s mother about his dirty trick of hurting Radhika and her family. This matter concerns Gurunath’s mother and she complains about it to her new husband.

Meanwhile, Maya gets a lunch box for Gurunath. Gurunath resumes the play. He tells Mai with such a heart that no one has done so much for him. He kept screaming for Maya’s sympathy. Maya feels sorry for him and comforts him by saying that she will stand behind him no matter what happens. She asks Gurunath whether you like the new office. Gurunath enthusiastically tells her that he really liked the atmosphere and culture at his new workplace. Saying that she is the most desirable candidate to become the next CEO of the company, he tries to make the sugar coat. After a while, they are both busy at work. Later, Gurunath got some chat about Radhika becoming the next CEO of the company.

He plays another trick. He spoke to Shri. He tried to convince Banhatti to accept his resignation. Gurunath has tried to get into the good books of Srinath Banahti and has proved himself and got a designated position, but he does not want to cause any problems in Radhika’s family. Later, Gurunath tells Mr. Banhatti that it would be better if he voluntarily left the company instead of removing Radhika after becoming CEO. Mr Banhatti tells him that as a company owner, he is well aware of what will and will not work for his company. Subsequently, Mr. Banahti removed Gurunath’s letter of resignation.

Later, a soldier in the office tells Mr. Banhatti that some people are harassing him in his office. Gurunath and Shri. When Benahati stepped out to look for the situation, he found Vasantrao angry with the dust. Seeing Gurunath from the front, Vasantrao grabs his collar and shouts at him, the hat is shameful as a boy. Mr. Banahti threatens them and tells them to leave the office.

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