Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 24 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 24 January 2020, We are Shania and Mrs. See Sabanis successfully escaping the city and reaching Mahabaleshwar. At dinner, when her mother took the cash out of the bag, which Shania had secretly pulled out of the closet, she found that it had cardboard and no real money! They both have to panic as they have to pay their grand dinner bill.

On the other hand, like her neighbors, Radhika also thinks that Shania is married to Mehta. Meanwhile, Gurunath begins cleaning the office and promises to prove his worth and to show Radhika, Shoumitra, of whom he is made.

Gurunath and Kedia, on the other hand, have been discussing Mr. Sabnis’ antique since last night. Gurunath suspected that Shanaya and his mother were planning something. Kediya motivates Gurunath by saying that it is his first day at work and he should not be distracted by anything right now. Meanwhile, Shanaya and Mrs Sabnis try to leave Mahabat’s house to go to Mahabaleshwar. When they are about to leave, Mehta’s goons get there and knock on the door. They warned both of them to open, otherwise they would open the door. The neighbors gather to investigate what is wrong with this disturbance. The goons inform them that the girl has escaped from inside, married to Mehta’s money. The neighbors understand that the girl is Shanaya. They tell Mehta’s goons to come out of the society premises, as the noise is harassing other residents.

Gurunath reached the breach assigned to him and realized that the office was in complete confusion. They find a soldier named Mishraji there and asks him if he is an SB company office. Mishraji says that we have reached the right place. He later finds out that Gurunath is his new boss and he runs around here to put on his shirt and put on the lights. Soumitra joins work after a break and asks Dixit about the loss of branches. He learned that his father had made a change in his decision to break the branch and assigned a new person to take care of him. This surprised Soumitra and asked about the name of the person he was leading. When Dikshit is about to say his name, Radhika goes to the cabin to deliver Gurunath’s tiffin, which he had forgotten in the car.

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