Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 25 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 25 Feb 2020, We are disappointed that Radhika has been announced as the next Chief Executive Officer of the company. Gurunath tries to comfort Maya by telling her that he will stay with her no matter what happens.

On the other hand, Soumitra and Mr. Banhatti congratulated Radhika as CEO of SB Company. Meanwhile, Gurunath has planned to raid Maya against Radhika.

Revathi explains to Vasantrao that he should have informed Radhika and Soumitra before going to the office and causing such an upset. Vasantrao agrees with her and hopes that her actions will not create any disturbance in Radhika’s family.

Mr. Vasantrao’s fears come true when Banahti loses his temper at home. He angrily tells Radhika and Soumitra that Vasantrao has no basic ethics. When Radhika tries to calm Shri Banahti, he goes down in a storm. As a result, Radhika starts screaming. Soumitra is not able to endure any more of Gurunath’s tactics and tells Radhika that he is going to find a final solution to their problem. The next day, he planned to hold a meeting with the board of directors to remove Gurunath.

Meanwhile, Maya informed Gurunath of the visit. On hearing this, Gurunath congratulates Mai and tells her that a meeting is being held to discuss her as the next CEO of the company. Maya tells Gurunath that she is very excited and delighted to be the next CEO. Later, when Gurunath tries to shake hands with Maya, she hugs him and repays. The next day, Soumitra and Radhika meet Vasantrao and tell him that he is not to blame for everything he has done. Soumitra also guarantees Vasantrao that he will remove Gurunath as soon as possible. Later, when Radhika arrives at her office, she blames herself for creating a mess in everyone’s life. At a meeting of the Board of Directors, Shri. Banhatti declared Radhika as the next CEO of the company. Soumitra was happy to understand this, but on the other hand Maya was overthrown.

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