Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 25 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 25 January 2020, Our acquaintance is Mayashi, who has flown all the way from the United States to meet Radhika and Soumitra. Yashwant says that he had asked Radhika to come to the office as soon as possible to meet her. Maya surprised Soumitra and was very pleased to see her. Radhika is still at Gurunath’s house along with Atharva. Gurunath’s mother reminded her that they should host some guests today. Radhika says that I was stressed to meet her. Meanwhile, instead of Soumitra, we see Maya telling Soumitra that she thinks Radhika looks like a kaku in a saree. Soumitra tells her that she will think otherwise after meeting Radhika. He is still trying to reach Radhika, who is still busy teaching the meaning. Later, we confess to Kadia by Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis that they are in trouble. Gurunath seeks to end the situation by paying hooligans.

Gurunath, on the other hand, is being forced to hold office. He tells himself he didn’t expect to start from scratch. He wants to clear up all past mistakes and hopes to start a new office. Meanwhile, in Soumitra’s office, he talks about Maya, a man who works alone with Yashwant from the United States. Soumitra agrees that she is a really smart and smart girl. After a few minutes, Soumitra tells Radhika that the food he made for her was extremely tasty. She was glad to hear that.

Meanwhile, Gurunath is telling Kedia over the phone that he is frustrated with the work he has already done, but still confident that he will prove himself. Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis try to fool everyone and reach Gurunath. After a while, at Gurunath’s house, we see Radhika’s son Atharva crying, while Gurunath’s parents comforted him. Then Gurunath’s mother calls Radhika up. In Gurunath’s office, he asks if anyone is working the system. Meanwhile, Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis are busy hiding from the men standing outside their house. They both escape the scene in search of Kedia.

At Gurunath’s house, Radhika comforts Atharva and asks her to learn from her mistakes. She asks him to copy the notes from Neha’s notebook. Then, a call to Radhika breaks their conversation.

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