Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 25 March 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 25 March 2020, We see how Gurunath ends the lie and while hugging Maya and wiping tears to Magri and asking her to come over for dinner the next day. She agrees and says she loves him as much as he does and believes in her.

Meanwhile, Soumitra’s mother has praised Radhika for the orderlyness of the house. She says that I thank her for having such a good daughter-in-law, and Soumitra jokingly says that he should thank her for marrying Radhika and bringing her home.

Later, Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis will appear in conversation about Gurunath’s offer of Rs. 5 lakhs. Shania asked her mother to accept the offer and said she would handle the rest.

Shanaya immediately called Radhika and told her about Gurunath’s plan to divorce her and move them to Pune. Radhika tries to calm Shanaya and tells her to be aware of Gurunath’s movements and report her. She agrees to do so, and while talking to Kedia, they call on Gurunath. She listens as he talks about his future plans.

Shanaya is telling Gurunath to Kedi that once successful, his friend will also make money from him. She has heard him say that Maya is waiting for him so he has to run to the restaurant. Shanaya herself can be seen saying that even though Gurunath has Maya, she has Radhika and must make sure that both of them pay for their sins.

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