Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 26 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 26 Feb 2020, We see that Shanaya and her mother are having dinner at the restaurant and planning to move without paying. Shanaya manages the slip but the mother catches on.

Staff at the restaurant ask her to clean the dishes as punishment. Later, Gurunath insists on Maya to congratulate Radhika and asks him to save her anger for the future. Maya reluctantly congratulates Radhika with flowers.

Soumitra was delighted to hear that Radhika is the next CEO. He thanks the father for taking such a wonderful step. Mr. Banhatti explained to Soumitra that Soumitra wanted to clear the misunderstanding that Radhika was taking Gurunath’s side. Soumitra and his father decide to surprise Radhika by telling her the good news.

On the other hand, Mr. Maya cries out as Banahti has chosen Radha for the post of CEO. At that moment, Gurunath entered her cabin to greet her. To my surprise, Maya was moaning and looking very distracted. When he inquires about Maya, she tells him that Radhika has been announced as the next CEO. Gurunath was shocked and told Maya how he chose Moron like Radhika to become CEO. Later, he acts to comfort Maya and fakely assures her that she will not stand behind him.

Meanwhile, Soumitra and his father surprised Radhika by giving her a bouquet. Radhika goes through a mix of emotions knowing that she is going to be the CEO. She thanked her mother-in-law for trusting her and for having such a great responsibility. The news reached Mrs. Sabnis, and she immediately reported it to Shanaya. After a while he realized that Radhika had become the CEO of Gurunath in a company. Both feared that Gurunath’s job was in danger.

Kedia also expressed concern about Gurunath’s job. Gurunath tells them that he has carried out another trick, which has appointed Radhika as CEO. Kedia is shocked and asks Gurunath to tell her what he is talking about. Gurunath explained to them that he does not want Maya to be CEO with his own hard work and talent but Maya wants him to be the chief executive officer and wants help so that Maya can go back when he wants.

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