Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 27 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 27 Feb 2020, We see that Gurunath asked Maya if she still wanted to be the company’s CEO.

Maya tells him that it’s too late now and that it’s impossible now. Gurunath killed Maya by telling Maya that if they followed his plan, that would be possible. Meanwhile, during the meeting, Shri. Banhatti praised Radhika’s suggestion.

We see that Soumitra and Radhika spend some time playing with Atharva. Seeing their joy, it seems that the couple’s happiness is back on track. On the other hand, when Gurunath calls Maya, she gets in trouble. Gurunath tells Maye not to step down and to sleep quietly. Mai insists that he take her the next morning.

Next morning Gurunath arrived at Maya’s house. Maya looks perfectly fine to him, and anxiously he asks Maya if she is okay. Maya tells Gurunath that it doesn’t make sense to yell at the same thing over and over. Mr. She tells Gurunath that she is completely helpless as Banahti has declared Radhika as CEO and there is nothing she can do about it.

Meanwhile, Shanaya and her mother go out to eat at the restaurant. The waiter at the restaurant tells the manager that Shayne and her mother always step aside without paying the bill. After lunch Shania falls down as usual but the mother catches on. The manager forced Mrs. Sabnis to wash the dishes. Mrs. Sabinis tries to give the manager some things to move aside but the manager does not fall into any of her traps.

In the office, Maya congratulates Radhika as Gurunath has said. Gurunath tells Maya to save her anger for the future. Later, Shri. Banhatti convened a meeting to introduce Radhika as the new CEO of the company. Later, Maya made her new proposal to market her new products. After seeing the promotion strategy, Radhika does not completely agree. Radhika says that instead of having a man face in their advertising, they should have a woman face which will help their company to better connect with customers. Everyone is affected by Radhika except Maya.

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