Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 27 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 27 January 2020, We are telling Kedia Gurunath that Shanaya and Ms. Sabinis has come to his place. Gurunath instructs Kedia to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Kedia Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis tells Gurunath that Rs. They were both taken from Mehta. Then, we see Atharva meeting Gurunath after many days. Radhika tells Atharva to come to her as it is already late. Gurunath tells her not to agree with Radhika and takes her to Atharva. As she leaves, Gurunath tells himself that he will teach Radhika a lesson. Later, at Soumitra’s house, Radhika then asks Maya. At this, Soumitra says that she left because Radhika was late.

Meanwhile, Yashwant is seen talking to his wife at Soumitra’s house. He says that he specifically asked Radhika and Soumitra to come out of the office early because Maya was coming to see them. It is then that Soumitra goes in and says that Radhika is at Gurunath’s house, tries to comfort the weeping Atharva and helps her in the study. Then, we hear the doorbell ring. Soumitra stands up to check on who he is and is delighted to see Maya. We see a banner between Soumitra and Maya. Maya tells Soumitra that she thinks Radhika looks like Auntie in the saree. Soumitra tells her that once she meets Radhika, all her misunderstandings will go away. Then Maya asks Soumitra to see where Radhika has reached. Since Soumitra is busy teaching her finances, she cannot contact him.

Later at Kedia’s house, Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis say they are having trouble getting help from the cadets. Mrs. Sabnis tells Kedia that she married someone and then steals his money and runs away. Kedia tells her that she can’t help them, but Gurunath can.

At Soumitra’s house, Maya gets up to leave, because Radhika has not come yet. Meanwhile, some goons are trying to get into Gurunath’s house. Just then Gurunath went in and asked the gangsters what they were doing. The goons tell him that Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis betrayed his boss and ran away with money. Hooligans have come there looking for money. Gurunath calms the situation and tells him he will give it.

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