Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 28 Feb 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 28 Feb 2020, Shyanya is very angry with Gurunath because he is spending more time with Maya. Her mother warned her to be vigilant, otherwise like Radhika, her condition would only get worse.

Meanwhile, Gurunath told Maya that he would not allow Radhika to attend the next board meeting. While they were still planning, Soumitra reached Maya’s place to take her out for a party. Maya immediately tells Gurunath to hide in the washroom.

While Soumitra and Maya were leaving, Shanai called Gurunath. If anyone is hiding in the washroom, he is suspicious of hearing Soumitra playing the phone.

Shania and her mother got into trouble as they tried to walk through the restaurant without paying the bill. When Gurunath learned of this, he immediately went to Kedi and told the girl-mother couple to get out of trouble. Kedia asks if they really need help. Don’t let Gurunath speak to him and do what he says. Kedia goes to the restaurant, pays the bill, and saves Shanaya and her mother from being jailed.

Later, Gurunath asked Maya if she still wanted to be the company’s CEO. Mrs Banhatti has officially declared Radhika as CEO, saying Maya is impossible. Gurunath assures her that this is possible and that they have plans to destroy Radhika. When Maya asks him to ask, Gurunath tells her that he will come to her house at night and tell him his plans. Maya initially hesitates but later agrees with Gurunath. Gurunath was happy to know that his tactics for Radhika’s destruction were working.

Meanwhile, Radhika is worried that her suggestion has hurt Maya. She tells Soumitra her concerns, but Soumitra tells Radhika that Maya is his best friend so there is no reason to worry. Soumitra assures that he will invite Maya to Radhika’s hospitality party. And she also tells Radhika that if she is offended, she can ask Maya for herself.

Some time later, when Radhika arrives at her office, everyone congratulates her on being the CEO of such a prestigious organization. They also presented her with some gifts and held a small party to celebrate her success.

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