Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 28 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 28 January 2020, Radhika suggests ideas for a new design. He says there should be a wife making homemade juices. Mr. Dixit thinks her idea is a weird one. Yashwant also agrees and says he should go ahead with the plan. Then Soumitra calls Radhika and tells her that everyone in her office praises her. Radhika, however, is under stress, as her imagination was loved by everyone. Meanwhile, Gurunath meets Maya in a very loving way. She trips and falls in Gurunath’s arms, after which they both exchange.

We are asking Radhika Atharva to thank Neha for her notes. Gurunath’s mother tells Radhika to stop and eat. Gurunath’s father reminded her that Radhika should be a guest at her house. She says the next day’s exams make her sleep deprived, she said. Radhika leaves, but Gurunath escapes her out of the house. Radhika says that they are getting late and they move away from the scene. As she goes, Gurunath promises to teach Radhika a lesson. After that, at Soumitra’s house, we are telling Radhika Soumitra that she was late because of the loss of Atharva’s note. At this, Soumitra humorously replies that he once lost his entire bag. Meanwhile, Kediya is talking to Gurunath over the phone and telling the truth about Mrs. Sabnis and Shanaya. Gurunath orders them to follow his instructions. The latter was surprised to hear Gurunath’s words.

On the other hand, Mrs Sabnis and Shanaya go for Rs. 5 lakh from their house. Kedia catches them with a red hand. After a while, Mrs. Sabnis and Shanaya see the door to their house locked. Mrs Sabnis says that Gurunath may have gone to Mehta to pay them. She asks Shanaya to call Gurunath. Both are terrified after learning that Gurunath’s phone is off.

Meanwhile, Maya threatened Shri Dikshit in Soumitra’s office. Soon afterwards Soumitra came into the office and told her that she had a surprise for him. Radhika enters and finally Maya meets her. Then Soumitra asks Radhika to look for new artwork and designs. Radhika looked at her file alone, as Maya gazed at her.

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