Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 29 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 29 January 2020, We are telling Gurunath Keeda about Maya and we see how important she is in the company. He tells her that Maya is the key to his success. The two then see her walking into the restaurant, followed by Soumitra and Radhika. Gurunath tries to hide from them. Maya says they should demand food right away. She tells Soumitra that she knows her favorite brand and then turns to Radhika to ask about her order. Radhika tells her that she is not drunk. After a while, Soumitra says he should not drink tonight. On this, Maya said that Soumitra was an alcoholic in the United States. Gurunath learned that Maya is not only an employee of Yashwant’s company but she is a close friend of Soumitra. He then says that we will move closer to Maya and progress. Later, as Radhika looks, Maya and Soumitra pour their drinks down.

Meanwhile, Radhika is talking on the phone with Soumitra and tells her that she is worried that Maya is angry with her. She then tells him to focus on his work and hang up the call. In Gurunath’s new office, we find him irritated, as he was asking the soldier to take over the accounts file. The soldier goes away, but something goes his way. Maya slips on it and falls straight into Gurunath’s hands.

In Gurunath’s new office, Maya explains to Gurunath about her role in the company. She says she was sent here to investigate. She went on to say that she couldn’t stand the fact that the office looked more like a godown than a workplace. In Radhika’s office, Jenny suggests that she should share the responsibilities only to reduce Radhika’s work burden. The latter says she will definitely consider it.

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