Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 30 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 30 January 2020, Gurunath reveals that we have refunded the money taken by Mehta by Srinath Sabnis. Shanaya and Mrs. Sabnis ask as they are surprised and ask why he did so. To this Gurunath replies that if they had not paid, then Mrs Sabnis and Shanaya would have been in jail. Later, Gurunath tried to impress Maya with some American coffee. Maya asks her how she tastes of her taste. Gurunath simply says that one needs to know about the other person’s preferences in a corporate setup. He then tells himself how close Maya is with Soumitra and he also knows how to use her. Meanwhile, in Radhika’s office, one enters himself as Saiprasad Mahajani. Radhika tells him that she knows someone by the same name, she is also her neighbor. Saiprasad tells her that he does not know the person whom Radhik just mentioned.

We see Gurunath in the vicinity of Maya. Caddy has released him from the queen for protection. Gurunath explains to Kedi how effective Maya is. At Soumitra’s house, we met Maya, Radhika and Soumitra planning to go out for dinner. Meanwhile, Sanya and Mrs., who are out of the house, Sabinis follows the watchman. They grabbed his tiffin box and fled. Meanwhile, Radhika, Maya and Soumitra are now in a restaurant. Maya and Soumitra seem to be having a great time together. Both of them take selfies and get drunk as Radhika looks. Later, we went to Shanaya and Mrs. Sabanis walks quietly and sees the tiffin box back on the table. Then they learned that a stray dog ​​had just licked the meal they had just eaten out of the tiffin box. After a while, Mrs. Sabnis asks Gurunath why he did not call her before leaving. Gurunath reveals that he knows about Mrs. Sabnis’s marriage to Mehta. Mrs. Sabnis and Shanaya were surprised to hear this. Gurunath orders them to follow him upstairs.

We assure Soumitra Radhika that he is not drinking. Then the two sit on the bed and Atharva comes running towards them. Atharva asks Radhika about why Soumitra behaves like her father Gurunath. For this, Radhika asked not to compare the two and said the latter was better. Atharva says that while Soumitra is intoxicated, Gurunath has behaved the way he was supposed to. Radhika tells him to shut up and sleep.

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