Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 31 January 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 31 January 2020, We are looking at Gurunath and telling him that he has a very important place in our company. However, he says he still has more work to do until he becomes CEO. Subsequently, he called Kedia and told her that Maya had become the CEO of SB, which would help Gurunath’s career. Meanwhile, Yashwant is telling Soumitra that he is going to make Radhika as CEO and therefore ask to speak to her as soon as possible. Later, Gurunath drives out Maya for water purification. Later, Radhika revealed that the representative who visited her company was Mahajani’s son, her neighbor. She then tells him that the son Mahajani does not consider his uncle and uncle as his parents. Radhika said that because she considers relationships more important than any business, she has decided to cancel the deal.

Gurunath and Shanaya and Mrs. Told Sabanis that if they did not let the Mehta men go, they should go to jail. Gurunath once again reminds him that it was because of him that he was alive. Gurunath hears them orders, obeys his instructions and does whatever he says from now on. Meanwhile, at Saumitra’s house, we see Radhika asking her what Atharva has told her. Radhika tells him that Atharva asks her why Soumitra’s father is behaving like Gurunath. The latter apologizes for this and promises that he will not drink alcohol after this. Radhika gets up and tells Soumitra to get ready for work.

In Gurunath’s new office, we see him constantly interacting with Mai, who is patiently listening to him. He asks her if he is talking too much. Maya tells him that she is a select listener and can filter out unnecessary details. Meanwhile, Radhika’s colleague tells her that someone from an international company is meeting him at his office. Radhika asks him the name of the person. His colleague tells him that someone whose name is Siprasad Mahajani is coming. She knows the name strangely and laughs at herself. It was then that Radhika got a call from Soumitra and suggested that she should leave Atharva in the evening. Radhika tells him that because of the test of Atharva, he cannot take it and is busy working under the orders of an international company.

Later, Gurunath tries to sell a box full of tea bags to his soldier. After a constant quarrel with Gurunath, the confused soldier escapes and returns with money and buys a teabag. Maya is still not impressed with Gurunath and tells him that he has only sold one tea bag out of the box. Gurunath says he believes his Indian vision will work.

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