Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 4 January, We see Radhika and her colleagues and meet with their international clients. As everyone started talking about Radhika’s spice expansion plan, one of the customers noticed it on Radhika’s hand. When asked about this, Radhika informs them of her marriage. Customers congratulate her but they are surprised to see her join the office so soon. Radhika tells them that she values ​​her career as much as her personal life. Impressed by her work ethic, the client expresses her enthusiasm for working with her.

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 4 January, On returning home, Gurunath talks with Shanaya to talk to her. She, however, tells her to leave her alone and take care of her own affairs, so that she may be disgusted. At Radhika’s house, the newlyweds get their son Atharva to sleep. While Radhika was shaking her son’s forehead, Soumitra lovingly laid his hand on her. At this, she realizes and removes her hand from there. She pulls the blanket over the head and goes to sleep. This upset Soumitra, but he kept his peace.

You get to see a new day in the life of newly married Radhika and Soumitra. As the new bride walks out of her bedroom, she finds him waiting for her. She sees that Soumitra has prepared a hot, steaming cup of tea for her! Soumitra gives her tea and tells him not to be so formal and conscious. Last night, he reminded her that they decided to become friends first and then spouses. Radhika was touched by his thoughtful gestures and learned the lesson from his hand. On the other side of the city, Atharva says he wants to get chocolate milk. This made his grandfather very worried and only then did he get Radhik’s phone.

The latter learns about the troubles that Atharva has. She tells mom and dad that the hot chocolate is kept in the fridge and they understand that they consider it their home and their own home, and don’t want to discriminate between the two. After the call was over, Radhika moved to the kitchen to help the housemates who worked at Soumitra’s house for many years. This maid who speaks, helps Radhika make her day breakfast. Everyone refreshes the dishes and takes the second aid of delicious swimming.

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