Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 5 February 2020

In the upcoming episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 5 February 2020, we will see her getting angry at Yashwant Banhatti Radhika for not finalizing the agreement with Saiprasad. He will inform Soumitra. Radhika hears all this and tells her father-in-law that she has signed a contract with Saiprasad. Mr. Banahti was happy to hear this and appreciated Radhika back. In the meantime, Gurunath is busy putting butter and doing everything to befriend her. Later, Shania shouted at Gurnath, noting the lipstick stains on the handkerchief. However, Gurunath does not hit the eye and closes it.

We see that Saiprasad has come home to meet Radhika who is busy talking about her parents. He immediately started convincing Radhika that he should finalize the contract, thus keeping personal and business life separate. Radhika, however, is not happy with Saprasad and his parents are desperate to see him face to face and without talking to him, he starts talking directly to her about the deal. Soon, Saiprasad realized his mistakes and apologized to his parents for his behavior. He also tells Radhika that he has lost everything because of his wrongdoing so his last hope is to return. Saiprasad decided to take his parents to America for a few days.

Shania and her mother were irritated at having to do all the chores in the house, and Cadia was the only one doing them. He curses Kedia and Gurunath for treating them like this. He feels that Gurunath has been very smart since he started working in the institute and he needs to teach a lesson.

Meanwhile, Radhika and Gurunath face to face. Gurunath robbed her of her new job at a prestigious institution and talked about her designated position. Radhika explains to Gurunath that she was never her rival and chiefly she does not say anything about herself. Gurunath, however, is not in the mood to listen to her and he keeps warning her that till now he will not live peacefully with anyone connected with her. He will show everyone what he has made of us and make sure that everyone else will repent later for his fall.

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