Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 5 March 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 5 March 2020, Maya will be seen as a foreigner. Mr. Banhatti and the rest are confidential, so some papers decide to hide from her.

This makes her sad and, in turn, decides to be part of Gurunath’s next tactic against Radhika. Later, Mr. Verma sends a pen drive containing important documents and Yashwant refuses to let Maya see them.

Later Gurunath promised to steal the pen drive and ensure that Maya is appointed as the next chief executive in place of Yashwant Radhika.

Mr. Verma says he needs more kind and caring staff to work collaboratively with Radhika. He added that since Radhika is a trusted person, I want to sign this agreement. After this incident, Maya became frustrated and later shouted to Gurunath about her inefficient plan. Gurunath is confused but has decided to devise a new plan to make Maya. On the other hand, Gurunath’s mother, Gulmohar, goes down to his and Sanya’s house in the community and threatens to stop the confrontation with Radhika. Later, Shanaya tells Mrs. Sabnis that Gurunath must have a plan to send his mother. They questioned him about it, but he refuses.

Meanwhile, while the whole family is going home for dinner together, Shri. Banahti is pleased and appreciative of Radhika’s presence. Soumitra also adds that sometimes being emotional helps more than being practical. Radhika seems to give all the credit to Soumitra, who has taken great pride in the past. But Mr. Banhatti said he had made the right decision to select Radhika as the next CEO of the company.

We saw how Radhika kept up with Gurunath and Maya’s bad plans. She was unable to reach the office of the SB Company for an important meeting and this led to Mr. Banhatti’s client, Mr. Verma closed the meeting. Radhika apologized profusely for the delay. However, Mr Verma soon found out that Radhika was late so that she was busy handling a sick woman who was found unconscious outside her office. As a result, Mr. Verma decided to continue his collaborative work at SB Company and gave Radhika a second chance.

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