Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 6 February 2020

The upcoming episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 6 February 2020, we are trying to impress Mayur Gurnath by getting a rose for her. However, she tells him that this is his place of work and, therefore, must follow a certain code of conduct. She further said that if Gurunath really wants to impress her, they can do it by doing well in their work. Shortly, Shanai called Gurunath’s office and told Mishraji that he was his wife. The latter tells Gurunath that his wife wants to talk to him. This whole situation made Maya shake.

After returning home, Gurunath calls Keeda to inquire whether the mother-daughter duo is doing well and all the household chores are done properly. Kediya enthusiastically tells Gurunath how he succeeded in all his work and how happy he was to see Shanaya and his mother working as their maidservants.

Radhika gives Soumitra and her parents a news story that they desperately want to hear. She told the father-in-law that she had signed a contract with Saiprasad and successfully contracted his company. Everyone in the Radhika family, including Mrs Banahti, is happy and proud, who has previously angered her, because she canceled the deal. She thanks Radhika for everything she did for her family. She also appreciates the close proximity of her family and the improvement of parenting relationships.

Meanwhile, Gurunath asked Maya if she could take her friends further. He looks forward to answering her. After a long wait and hope, he suddenly got a call from Mai. She asks him why she keeps sending her and as usual Gurunath gets irritated with Maya for landing on her Maya books again and his words start to shatter. On the other hand, Shania finds Gurunath’s handkerchief while washing his clothes. She was shocked that the lipstick stains on her face were exposed to it. She seems suspicious and she begins to believe that Gurunath has a love affair with someone in his workplace.

The next morning, she asks Gurunath about his new office and tries to get an address from them. Shania is still interrogating him but Gurunath refuses to answer any of her questions and leaves for work.

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