Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 7 February 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 7 February 2020, It will be exciting to watch. We are surprised to hear Gurunath say that Shanai called him to his office while Maya is sitting next to him. He hurries to get a call saying that Misra has abused his wife instead of ‘Didi’. While talking to Gurunath, Shanaya hears the voice of a woman in the background and her suspicions come true. She is not sure that Gurunath is developing a relationship with a woman in his office.

We see that Soumitra is very happy and proud of Radhika. Due to Radhika, Mahajani’s uncle and Kaku got their son back and she made a big deal with Cyprus. Meanwhile, Mahajani’s uncle and uncle are happy to go to the United States with their son, who has been away from them for a long time. Seeing the presence of Radhika’s heart, Shri. Banahti was impressed and he told Soumitra that he should join Radhika at a meeting of his company’s board of directors. He also told Soumitra that he had planned a big surprise for Radhika and would reveal it at the meeting.

Gurunath always tries to impress Maya and befriend her. This time she gets a rose for her. Looking at the roses, Maya tells Gurunath that he is in the office and only professionalism works here and the result is important. If he really wants to impress her and get into her good books, then he should try to be the company’s top performer. On the other hand, Shania expresses her concern for Gurunath’s strange behavior about her mother. Her mother, however, tells her daughter that Gurunath would not dare to think of anyone other than her. Shanaya is still extradited and she decides to call Gurunath in their office.

She calls in Gurunath’s office, which Mishraji accepts. He asks the question of who he is talking to. At the other end Shanaya tells him that she is Gurunath’s wife and wants to talk to them. Mishraji told Gurunath the same message and told him that it was his wife’s phone. Maya, who is sitting next to Gurunath, hears it all.

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