Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 3 March 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 3 March 2020, Gurunath’s plan has been laid out successfully and bad Radhika is in trouble. Gurunath has blew the air out of the tire of the car that Radhika is driving. The driver tells her that they cannot move because of the flat tire. Radhika then honors the autorickshaw.

Gurunath calls Kedia and asks him about the scheme, he replies that the driver is also a part of his plan. Meanwhile, client Radhika, CEO at SB Company, gets annoyed by the absence of CEO.

Soumitra calls her and asks her whereabouts, saying that she will be arriving soon. But the brawl has caused a roadblock and Radhika stole her purse and mobile while leaving the auto to ask the driver to move the vehicle.

The auto driver drove away as she followed the thief. Radhika is stuck on a lonely road with no means of access or transportation.

Gurunath hugs Maya and they share a moment very closely. But when he gets home, Shanaya confronts him and asks him about his place. Gurunath claims to be nowhere but in his office Shanaya seems to be beating him up with a newspaper and Mrs Sabnis supports her daughter. But Gurunath tries to change Mrs. Sabnis and the latter and tells Shanaya to go away.

Meanwhile, according to Gurunath’s plan, Maya plays and an important gift excuse asks Radhika to come to the office. Gurunath and Maya are seen talking about how they will apologize for their decision as they plan to prevent Mrs Banahti from reaching her office. Atharva asks Radhika whether you can play in the Gulmohar Society and the latter refuses. But Soumitra ended his argument by saying that Atharva would take him to play.

Shanaya, on the other hand, spoke to Mrs. Sabnis about Gurunath’s plan to destroy Radhika’s career and told the latter not to worry about her. Shanaya tells her that she fears Maya will be the next Radhika in her place. Kedia is also planning on accompanying Gurunath and Maya and looks to be dressed as an Arab for the gathering. And while Kadia distracted the attention of Atharva and Radhika, Gurunath distracted the tire of Radhika’s car so that she could not attend the meeting.

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