Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Update 22 July 2021

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Update 22 July 2021

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Update 22 July 2021, Raghav is going to the blood financial institution where already Pallavi is ready. He appears at the ambulance so he goes to peer who the driving force is but Mandar leaves the area.

Raghav asks Mandar’s buddy he is the only who come to his house night proper. Mandar’s friend tells it’s now not him, his friend and suggests Mandar’s ambulance van. Raghav leaves the location. Mandar’s friend calls a person.

Krishna tells Pallavi that they’re looking forward to a health practitioner but he is not here yet. A girl comes and asks Pallavi what she desires to realize approximately Raja.

Pallavi tells that she desires to realize something about Raja.

The girl asks Pallavi’s name and receives taken aback hearing her call however Pallavi tells it’s a common call to which the woman says its not a common name for Raja and then says it’s now not a place to talk about this so asks Pallavi to come back to her health facility there they can communicate. Pallavi agrees.

Raghav follows the ambulance and asks Mandar to stop but he speeds the ambulance. Raghav by some means stops the ambulance but Mandar overtakes and leaves the place.

Raghav follows the ambulance. Then he sees the ambulance but without all people inner so he searches for the person.

Mandar hits Raghav from in the back of, Raghav falls to the ground and blood comes out behind his head so Mandar decides to name for assist.

Raghav appears at Mandar then goes and conceal himself. Mandar seems at the back of and doesn’t locate Raghav so he searches for him.

Raghav attacks Mandar from in the back of they both receives right into a fight. Pallavi sees Raghav so she stops the automobile and is going in the direction of Raghav. Raghav asks Pallavi what’s she doing.

listening to Pallavi’s name Mandar turns around and appears at her. Pallavi gets taken aback seeing Mandar and tells his name. Raghav looks at Mandar and remembers the coincidence day. The health practitioner asks Mandar why he is fighting with to which Mandar says that his buddy referred to as and informed him that Raghav is following and abruptly he began attacking which cause the fight. Pallavi asks Raghav what’s he doing here. Raghav tells Pallavi that he’s here to discover Mandar. Pallavi receives bowled over and tells Raghav even she is right here for the equal.

Raghav asks Pallavi don’t she assume that is important to tell him. Pallavi remains silent. The woman medical doctor tells that they all have such a lot of questions of their mind so they ought to take a seat and communicate to.every other then most effective they’ll get an answer so she asks them to come to the sanatorium.

Keerti tells Jaya if Mandar is alive there will no case in opposition to Sunny. Jaya asks Keerti that why she is behind Sunny and considering him simplest don’t she recognize if Mandar is alive what will appear to Raghav and Pallavi. Keerti tells that she dont care what takes place in their life.

Jaya asks whilst she grow to be a egocentric character. Keerti tells that she is not a egocentric person also Pallavi is the one who snatched her happiness and she by no means did some thing for this family however her ex husband’s family. Jaya receives greatly surprised.

Keerti tells first Pallavi doesnt have a single husband now she has two husband to spend time with. Jaya slaps Keerti so Keerti gets irritated and leaves the area. Raghav Pallavi Krishna Mandar and the physician involves the health facility where Mandar and Raghav gets first aid.

Then the lady tells exactly to years back the local community locate Mandar in the woodland, seeing his situation it appeared like a person thrown him from up. She tells that she is the one who treated Mandar and whilst Mandar gets consciousness he didnt keep in mind any of his past so she provide him her out residence also made him do a process within the blood bank.

Pallavi gets bowled over. Raghav tells Pallavi that they cant permit our feelings rule they should assume nearly specifically it’s about Mandar and asks the girl is she a mother Teresa seeing a person and assisting that character without informing the police.

The doctor shows them.her complaint also the paper wherein she posted about Mandar. Pallavi tells that she didnt see this information to which the health practitioner says that she idea he have to be from neighborhood so she made the advert within the nearby paper.

The medical doctor then asks Pallavi to take Mandar to the housec pronouncing he can also remember seeing different people from the own family.

Raghav refuses and tells that they have to take DNA check first. The doctor tells Pallavi DNA check will take time which can do it but as of now asked to take Mandar to the house. Pallavi consents. Raghav gets indignant at Pallavi’s decision.

Pallavi tells Raghav that the damage he got now’s a little upper than his previous wound so it’ll therapy quickly. The doctor brings Mandar to Raghav’s car. Raghav gives Mandar his automobile keys. Mandar’s buddy comes there and asks to let him stay with Mandar, Pallavi consents for that too. Sulochana cleans Vijay’s room then.accidentally make Mandars get dressed fall to the ground. Vijay receives furious announcing this is what Sharda needed to recall her son then asks Sulochana to leave the room she obliges. Raghav opens the door for Pallavi but the health practitioner asks Pallavi to sit down with Mandar due to the fact he feels safe around her only. Pallavi nods her head then seems at Raghav who seems returned at her angrily.