Mrs. Mukhyamantri Cast, Title Track, Story And Promo

A new Marathi show called Mrs. Mukhyamantri ‘ will start soon. It is the drama that revolves around the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and his wife. Zee Marathi New Marathi Serial Mrs. Mukhyamantri Started On 24 Jun 2019. Mrs. Mukhyamantri Cast, Story Outline In Below

Serial Name Mrs. Mukhyamantri

Serial Producer – Shweta Yashvant Shinde, Sanjay R. Khambe

Serial Director – Harish Mansing Shikre

Serial Production House – Vajra Production L.L.P

Choreographer – Subhash Nakoshe

Serial Cast – Amruta Dhongade, Tejas Barve

Concept – Zee Marathi

Channel – Zee Marathi

Serial Started – 24 Jun 2019

Watch Time – Mon To Sat On 7 Pm Clock

Mrs. Mukyamantri cast Information

Mrs. Mukhyamantri Cast Actress Amruta Dhonghade Plays Role Of Suman (Summi) In Serial. Suman’s mother died when she was very young. Now, Suman is an adult and works as a sweet seller. Tejas Barve Plays Role Of Samar (Pilot), He Is Chif Minister In Serial Mrs. Mukhyamantri. In Serial Full Entertainment And Enjoyeble Love Chemistry Suman And Samar.

Personality or political development

Zee Marathi brings up another interesting prime time TV show. And Zee Marathi audience Zee Marathi will soon be launching a new interesting show for its audience. Chief Minister and this position create a lot of curiosity among us. The show’s producers insist that the title of the show sounds political, but it has nothing to do with any political affiliation

He always loves the events he brings to them, and he is sure fans will appreciate the show as well. The program will be broadcast in the evening. And that means that the long-awaited IRA got married that would ‘end! The launch date for the upcoming TV show on Zee Marathi has just been announced. But the TV show is expected to air in a few weeks. The show’s makers and Zee Marathi will be announcing the confirmation date for the upcoming TV show Mrs. Mukhyamantri ‘. The new TV show will be replaced by Mrs. Mukhyamantri, one of the channel’s popular TV shows. Reports show that the TV show will air in the time slot at 00:00 PM. And this ledger will replace the Zell TV show.

A small teaser of Mrs. Mukhyamantri has been launched. The show’s promo has created a huge buzz among the audience. Fans are eagerly awaiting the new TV show.

Mrs. Mukhyamantri Story After Starting-

We saw Summer and Summi going to the latter’s parents’ house. Suresh forces them to have lunch before leaving but Samar insists that they have to leave. Summi tries to intervene but in vain. Suresh forces Samar to eat. Later, the two visit Summi’s other relatives. Meanwhile, back home, Anuradha gets a call, questioning whether her son Samar is serious about ruling Maharashtra. She says that she is making an excuse, saying that Summi fell seriously ill in the middle, due to which she could not take her responsibilities seriously.

She tells Mama and Shersingh that she has high time to teach Sumi a lesson and does not let her ruin her son’s career. Anuradha asks Mama to call the pundit who arranged the duo’s marriage and says that there is no way she would allow Summi to come back home. Mama calls Baban and asks him to bring Panditji home immediately.

Suman And Samar Marriage

Mrs. Mukhyamantri Cast

After a long wait, Samar and Sumi finally get married to Mrs. Mukhamantri of Zee Marathi. The latter is moved to Samar’s house, but it seems that her mother-in-law is not very happy with this new addition to her family. Anuradha feels that Summi is under threat from the importance given to her and her insecurity is largely evident. In the upcoming episode, she will once again act, after watching a special show hosted by Baban for the newlywed’s Summer and Summi.

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