Naagin 5 Today Episode 15 August

Naagin 5 Today Episode 15 August 2020, Adi Nagin tells Brinda that this story is 10000 years old. She says that there was a time when there was no gift of Naagin shape shifting / wishful thinking. Naagins are shown in the temple. Pandit Ji tells Sarpa Mohinis that today is Nagachi Panchami. Naagin Charmer says he can’t touch their tails.

Pundits who say that they are not ordinary but are dear to Mahadev. Naagin Charmer asks what Mahadev did to them, he did not give them a boon. He says the Eagles were blessed by their deities and became human. He asks if the Naagin will be killed by human eagles. Pundits who say that Mahadev will give them boons and they will do more penance to get boons.

Pundits who say that Mahadev gives the serpent the gift of being a mother, say that if someone does something wrong, even if Shivaji punishes him less, he speaks less. Eagles are seen killing people for the vault. They become eagles and fly away with treasury boxes. They take the boxes to their cave.

Adi Nagin says that we have the boon to change the shape of the eagle / wishful thinking, but their boon became a curse because they misused the boon. Chil Chil song plays. Mukesh is shown dancing to the song Chil Chil .. He says that he is getting more powerful and our Nagvansh Nag was his helplessness.

Akesh told the other eagles to loot more. He says he is going for more destruction and looting, flies. Mukesh’s father and the eagle king came and asked, “Where is Mukesh?” The eagle man says that he has stolen a great treasure today and so he was happy and went to steal more.

He tells his men to go and steal Nagaman from the temple. The vice-chancellor said that he would not turn a blind eye to the temple as Shiva might get angry. The king of the eagle says that Mahadev can do nothing for the Naagin of his devotees and therefore he cannot harm you. He tells his men to steal Nagmani. The vice-chancellor warned the eagle king to keep his son away from Akash, otherwise he would come into human light and change. The king asks, “Who is this man?”

The eagles that change shape come to the temple and attack the Pandit. Nagin comes there and fights with them. She turns into a mother-like Naagin and sticks her tongue out of her mouth. Her face is shown. The eagle was shocked to see that a Naagin gets the desired gift. Her voiceover says she felt like a man that day. The eagle man says that she has a Naagin in her hand, she snatches it.

Mahadev comes there and tells her to kill the eagle. All Naagins have the power to be willing and they bite eagle males. An eagle flies. I play the serpent song… .Mahadev blesses her and heals her injuries. She presents Nagmani to Mahadev and she disappears in Shivling. She becomes a Naagin. Mahadev dances in the temple and plays his damru. He says, I am telling all the Naagins to be wishy-washy and I am giving a boon to the first serpent who became the mother of all the Naagins known as the fire Naagin. He tells them not to do anything wrong.

Panditji comes there and says that Bholenath can be worshiped and he gets some boon. He says Jai Bholenath. The fleeing eagle informs the king that 6 eagles were killed. He asks, where is Akesh? Mukesh comes and asks what I hear 6 eagles die. The escaped eagle tells them they were killed by Naagins.

Mukesh says I will not leave him. Sunrise falls on him and Akesh gets angry and rolls his eyes. The eagles try to block the sunlight from falling on them, but Mukesh says he will. The king says you will not go there. Akesh is gone. The Vice-Chancellor says that if light falls on Akesh, he will die.

Adi Nagin / Nageshwari says that I was very happy to be the mother of all Naagins and nagins, but I was looking for something different in the forest. Tere sang pyaar mein nahi todna natak ं ..she searches for her boyfriend and finally sees him. He admires her beauty. She says I have to trust you because I haven’t seen myself yet. He says I can’t stand the distance between us, our destiny is near. He is approaching her and holding her waist. Tere sang pyaar mein …… te nachu lagat….

She calls the heart and tells it to come. Akesh is standing away. She asks who are you Mukesh says I don’t know, but you know how beautiful you are. She says I haven’t seen her yet. He pulls a knife out of his pocket and tells her to look at herself in the knife, saying you are magical. She asks who are you The heart comes there and says it is an eagle, save yourself from it.

Nageshwari says that she is Adi Nagin and he will not escape from her. Mukesh holds her hand and says she is going to die from his hand and looks at her. He says, “You are very close to me.” Nageshwari leaves him and pushes her away. The heart beat Mukesh. Mukesh smiled, looked at Nageshwari and flew into the sky. The heart comes back to Nageshwari and hugs her. He asks are you alright She says yes. He says the eagle survived today.

Akesh told his eagle men to stay there and he said that he would go to Nagmani alone. The eagles try to stop Akesh and tell him that their king told them not to go alone. Mukesh says he is a prince and they should obey him. He beat him.

The ideal comes there. Adi Nagin turned to look at him with a smile. The heart comes there and asks you how to dare to come back here. Aadesh tied his hands and apologized. He finds Ado Nagin and wonders where is my Hussain Pari? He sees Adi Nagin and says that he is ashamed of his actions, he cannot come to the temple unless they invite him inside. Nagin says he is dying.

Pandit Ji tells Adi Nagin not to allow Garuda in the temple. The heart tells Adi Nagin to come inside. Adi says that they are in human incarnation and will show a little humanity, tells Atesh that he can come inside. Mukesh tells his eagles that he hurt himself so they took pity on him. The eagle entered the temple and struck Nagins.

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