Naagin 5 Today Episode 22 August 2020

Naagin 5 Today Episode 22 August 2020, Arohi and Gautam ask Jai not to leave Veer and his friends. Jai tells his family to go home while he has to stop for Ali who is stressed. Jay’s family leaves. Veer made fun of him.

After the family leaves, Jai kills Veer. The latter’s friends move on but he stops them and says that he is scared when Jay hits him. He hit Jai from behind. Jai says that he will die of her beating but he will be happy with it. Veer asks if he wants happiness and then beats her.

Veer’s friends became happy for him. Nur’s brother is about to move on but Nur stops him. Veer kills Jai more. Bani is about to go to them but Noor stops her, saying that Veer and his family are dangerous and also do illegal work, so do not challenge Jai in advance. Bani asks her how she can let this happen. Pandit asks Saphera what is happening. Safera says the fight has just begun.

Bani says stopping Jai. Veer sees her and gets mesmerized. Bani gives a lecture to Veer and asks him who he is that he thinks no one will say anything to him. Veer replies that he does not know and the one who looks down starts moving towards Bani.

“Dil Ibadat” plays. Jai comes in the middle and is about to kill Veer but later grabs his hand and keeps staring at Bani. Later Nageshwari showed a glimpse of the battle of heart and sky and fell in love.

Jai killed Veer. Veer does not give him back because he is lost in Bani. Jai keeps beating Veer who simply doesn’t react and looks at Bani smiling. His friends take him.

Noor’s family looks around for Noor. Bani learns that only three of the five people are left with Veer. She runs after Jai and he inquires about Noor’s whereabouts, which tells him which direction Noor went.

Bani is about to leave to save Noor but Jai stops her saying that she will come with him. Bani says that they do not know each other. Jai introduces himself as Jai Mathur. Highlights of Hriday and Nageshwari are shown. Jai says that now he knows her name so that they can go together. Bani agrees.

Jai and Bani reach the forest and see Nur’s dupatta on the ground. They also find Noor and Bani immediately goes to him. Noor is lying unconscious. Jai says that he is no more. Bani cries loudly. Jai sees the eagles in the sky and tells Bani to leave because it feels like an eagle’s field. Bani cries and is not ready to leave Noor who was her best friend but had to leave with Jai after seeing the eagle.

They go to the main road where they collide with Veer who is on the jeep. Bani says that Noor left the house because of her. Veer replies that he knows his address so he should have come to his house. Bani calls him disgusting.

The police arrive and Bani and Jai rush to stop their car but, after coming out, the inspector turns to Veer and asks how he got hurt. Veer replies that he hurt someone for the pleasure of seeing Bani. Bani tells the inspector about Noor and the police chase him and Jai but Noor’s body is not at the place where they saw him. Inspector said that they are wasting their time.

Jai and Bani wonder when Noor’s corpse is there, when no one comes after him. Veer states that his enemy is number one and goes from there. Bani feels that Noor’s brothers must have done something. Jai and Bani are about to go in different directions to find Noor when their hands are stuck with Bani’s bangle with a thread of Jai’s Sherwani. Jai pulls out the thread. Bani introduces herself as Bani. Jai gives him a card with his number and asks him if he knows anything about Noor. He leaves.

Bani runs away into the forest and finds a couple running away. The man is hurt. She asks them what happened. They run away mentioning only a corpse. Bani runs towards the way he signs and sees some men burying Noor. She recognizes that Veer is one of them as she sees him standing under an umbrella. She starts recording but is accidentally getting their attention.

Bani runs away chasing two men. She hides behind a tree and the men are not there but two eagles are flying in the sky. He is surprised where the eagle comes from.

The chiles are actually two people who were buried Noor. They are all Achadakari disciples including Veer. They decide to leave. Bani returns to that place but realizes that the sand is too hard. She wonders how this is possible because she herself saw them burying Noor. She watches the video and says that she hates Veer seeing his face.

On the other hand, Veer sits on his bike and is confused because usually the chiles live on dead people but for the first time, seeing Bani, he sees his life in front of him.

When his friends ask him what happened to him and why he killed Jai, he says that he was lost in Bani because he is in love with her.Does At the same time, J faces some breathing problems and his skin changes slightly as the moon’s rays hit. He remembers Bani and says that he felt loved upon seeing her.

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