Pandya Store Written Update 17 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 17 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 17 July 2021, Krish tells that Dev and Shiva is talking about a new room and asks if they know about it.

Dev is drawing again the room’s sketches and writing the budget to make the new room.

Hardik says to Gautam either he will make new room for Dhara else he will make it by destroying his self-esteem. Krish says that Rishita must be fighting with Dev for new bed and tells Gautam to sleep.

Gautam reacts harshly and says that they all should understand that the new room cannot be made. Dhara says that she doesn’t know what happened to Hardik, there is no need to make a new room in the house.

Suman cries and says that if shad money, she would have made a new room for them. The latter tells Dhara that she will sleep in the hall hereafter, Dhara and Gautam can sleep in her room.

Gautam checks the account and says that he needs twenty thousand more to get shiva’s land back and worries that he doesn’t have money to make room.

Raavi coming back to her room and getting elated on seeing new bed. Gautam says that Janardhan tries to get Shiva’s land and tells that they have to break one more FT. She tells Shiva to sleep on the bed while she will sleep on the floor.

Gautam says that he doesn’t know and tells him to concentrate on his studies. Shiva tells her to stop her drama and sleep on the bed. Dhara is scared that bulding the new room will separate her and Gautam.

Shiva comes there and asks if he talked about the room to Gautam. Dhara tells Raavi to stay back in the shop while they will go the market. Raavi sternly says that she will stay back in the shop.

Shiva recalls Raavi’s friends words while Raavi recalls Shiva’s words. Dhara receives and tells him to stay away from her family’s matter.

Dhara tries to convince Hardik, but the latter is determined to make a room for her. Dhara says that they have to save some money for any emergency and can’t spend everything.

Prafula complains that Pandya family make Raavi work in their shop. A customer asks Raavi for rice flour, but Raavi gives him maida. Gautam says that it’s his mistake, he failed to fulfill his responsibility.

He tells her to leave before he vents of out his anger on her. The latter is angry and tells her to leave him to alone. Raavi says that she will also come with them.

Gautam and Dhara take Krish from there saying he’s getting late for college. The latter says that hereafter she will answer him back in his language.

Shiva tells them to take Raavi with them. Shiva notices this and gives the rice flour to the customer. Dhara also tells him the same. At the shop Krish gets money from Dev.

Dhara goes to Gautam to talk. He taunts her that she doesn’t know difference between the maid and rice floor. Dhara asks why he’s mistaking her words, he weren’t like this before. She expresses her wish to hear the good news from Dhara and gets emotional. Dhara asks what is her mistake if Hardik fought with him. Shiva tries to cover it by giving an excuse.

Krish asks what they’re talking about.

Raavi tries to talk to Shiva, but he argues with her. He gives her a perfume to apply so that she doesn’t get the smell of oil and masala.

Dhara refuses, but Suman tries to convince her. Gautam angrily lies on the bed. Dhara and Gautam come to the shop with Raavi. At the shop Shiva and Raavi argue.

Dhara asks Gautam about what Krish said. Gautam walks away getting upset. She admits that she felt bad hearing Hansa, but she didn’t say anything as she doesn’t want Hansa make it a big issue of it and also she can’t explain to her that Dhara and Gautam in the hall so that there’s no any good news.

Dev gets a call from bank and leaves. Shiva chases alavu and applies the maids on her face. Dhara makes an excuse and leaves.

He snatches the maids from her hand and it falls over Shiva. They look at each other then angrily turns otherside. Raavi cleans the flour. He leaves. Dhara worries. Dhara brings milk for Suman. Gautam waits for Dev as he wanted to show him something.

Raavi throws it. They both turn side. Gautam praises Raavi. Pandya Store Written Update 17 July