Pandya Store Written Update 19 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 19 July 2021

Pandya Store Written Update 19 July 2021, Dhara bringing Gautam to have gol gappe in order to cheer him up. Gautam gets a call and he leaves from there asking the the man to let Dhara leave without having gol gappe.

Prafula and Anita comes there. Prafula accuses Dhara of making Raavi her maid. Gautam stops hearing Prafula.

At the shop Raavi questions Raavi. She says that he stopped to fight with her and started to change then what happened to him. She starts tearing up.

Shiva tells her to go and clean her face while he will clean the flour. Prafula argues with Dhara and threatens to take Raavi to her home. Dhara tells Prafula to try as she’s confident that Raavi will not support Prafula.

At the shop a customer argues with Shiva that he was give wrong ingredient. Shiva apologizes to him and gives him the right ingredient.

The customer mocks Shiva saying that he’s getting distracted by the presence of his wife and leaves. Shiva scolds Raavi.

He composes himself and requests Raavi to leave as she can’t handle the shop. Raavi reminds him that he never requested her before. She says that she will not trouble him and leaves from there getting upset.

Gautam sees Hardik in a cement shop. Gautam tells Dhara that Hardik is crossing his limits and asks Dhara if she will make him understand or he has to tell him in her own style.

As Dhara reminds silent, Gautam decides to talk to Hardik and moves away, but Dhara stops him. Dhara requests Gautam to not worry about Hardik, she will talk to him.

Gautam says that his self-esteem matters for him, hardik has challenged him. He further says that Hardik isn’t wrong. He knows about his responsibility and wants to build a room for her, but he is helpless. He is tensed now since Janardan is behind Shiva’s property.

Dhara says that Gautam need not to give any justification. She says that Gautam knows to handle his family and fulfill their needs in right time. Gautam says that he’s not in good mood. He talked to someone regarding money and leaves from there.

Gautam is trying to convince a man to give him money later. Janardan comes there. Gautam confronts Janardan. He challenges Janardan that he won’t let him get Shiva’s property.

Janardan asks what he will do with that property. His brothers are married and moved on in their life, but he doesn’t have any child.

He blames Gautam for not having kids and insults him. Gautam loses his temper and beats Janardan up. Janardan’s goons hold Gautam.

Janardan vows to get Shiva’s land. Gautam says that he will never let that happen. The goons push Gautam and he gets hurt. Janardan leaves with his goons.

Dev informs Shiva that Gautam has broken the FT in bank and they go to talk to Gautam about new room before he spends the money.

Dhara is waiting for Gautam. She gets shocked when he comes home injured. Dhara gets concerned and asks Gautam what happened.

Gautam says that he regrets of supporting her descion of not having kids ten years before. Dhara says that she doesn’t regret her descion.

She doesn’t want to have own kids as they want to take care of his brothers who were young. Shiva and Dev get shocked hearing this.

Dhara says that his brothers made them proud. As his brothers have grown up, they can think about having their own child. She adds that they are still young and she also stopped taking the tablets.

Dev and Shiva get emotional knowing Dhara and Gautam’s sacrifice for them. Dhara tells Gautam to not take Hardik’s words to heart and says that they can wait some more time for child.

Gautam kisses Dhara and thanks her to reduce his stress. He tells her that he got money from the bank and the next day he will get Shiva’s land back. They share a hug.

Shiva and Dev cry remembering Dhara’s talk and how in their childhood Dhara gave her room to them. Shiva and Dev vows to build a new room for Dhara and Gautam.